Grand Forks tea party votes to affiliate with ND Tea Party Caucus

The Grand Forks area’s local tea party group has voted to affiliate with the North Dakota Tea Party Caucus, Valley Tea Party Conservative Coalition Chairman Jerry Breyer announced Friday.

The group’s executive committee voted Thursday to approve the affiliation.

“We will continue to maintain our independence and autonomy but see this association as a very positive way in which we can strengthen our communication with like-minded patriots throughout the state of North Dakota,” Breyer said in a written statement.

He also said the Valley Tea Party will continue working to increase participation in the political process “to effect the change we need to grow our economy, safeguard our nation’s security and protect the rights enshrined in our Constitution.”

The North Dakota Tea Party Caucus was formed in April. Organizers said at the time that it’s not intended to be a third party, but the group likely will be involved in fundraising, activist training and candidate recruitment across the state.

Breyer said the Valley Tea Party will participate with the statewide caucus during its informational and organization event next Thursday at the GuestHouse Inn, 710 First Ave. N., in Grand Forks. The event will be held 6 to 8 p.m. and is open to the public.

To register for the event or view a complete schedule of other upcoming North Dakota Tea Party Caucus events, visit

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